2022-2023 Tentative Core Course Offerings

This page contains the tentative course offerings for 2022-2023 by the Women's, Gender & Queer Studies (WGQS) Department. The schedule is based on instructor availability and is subject to change. For courses in the QS and WGS minors that do not have a WGQS prefix, please consult Cal Poly's Course Catalog page for typical term offered.

Course Number Course Name Fall 2022 Winter 2023 SPRING 2023 SUMMER 2023
WGQS 145

Reasoning, Argumentation and Writing on Gender and Sexuality


   X     X      X      (X)
WGQS 201

Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Society and Politics

(D1; USCP)

   X       X      X       X
WGQS 210

Gender and Sexuality in Visual and Popular Culture


   X      X     X      (X)
WGQS 270 Selected Topics        
WGQS 301

Contemporary Issues in Women's and Gender Studies

(Upper-Division D; USCP)

   X      X              
WGQS 302

Contemporary Issues in Queer Studies

(Upper-Division D; USCP)

       X     X  
WGQS 305 Feminist Methodologies        
WGQS/SOC 311* Sociology of Gender and Sexualities         X     X  
WGQS 320

Women, Gender and Sexuality in Global Perspective

(Upper-Division D)

WGQS/PSY 324* Psychology of Gender       (X) (X)  
WGQS 325

Masculinity Studies

(Upper-Division D)

   X            (X)
WGQS 330

Feminist/Queer Transnational Studies (Upper-Division D)

***note this class replaces WGQS 320 in the curriculum


Feminist Studies of Whiteness in Popular Culture

(Upper-Division C)

   X       X X  

Feminist Ethics, Gender, Sexuality and Society

(Upper-Division C; USCP)

   X       X     X   
WGQS 340

Sexuality Studies

(Upper-Division D)

WGQS/ES 345*

Queer Ethnic Studies

(Upper-Division D; USCP)

   X X    
WGQS/ES 350*

Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology

(Upper-Division B; USCP)

   X      X     X (X)
WGQS/ES 351*

Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & International Development

(Upper-Division D)


Religion, Gender, and Society (Upper- Division C; USCP)

   X      X     X (X)

Intersectional Feminist Art Histories (USCP)

WGQS 400 Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates   opt     opt     opt     opt
WGQS 401 Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies        
WGQS/POLS 417* Feminist Legal Theory           
WGQS/HIST 421* History of Prostitution        
WGQS/SOC 423* Gender and Work    X      
WGQS/HIST 434* American Women's History to 1870        

American Women's History from 1870


WGQS 450

Feminist Theory (USCP)

WGQS 455 Queer Theory         X  
WGQS/POLS 457* U.S. Reproductive Politics          (X)  
WGQS/HIST 458* Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe        
WGQS 467 Women's and Gender Studies Internship   opt     opt    opt     opt
WGQS 470 Selected Advanced Topics        

*: indicates course cross listed with another department

(X): indicates course is tentatively planned

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