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In the Women's and Gender Studies Department, we are extremely proud of our alumni. Please visit this page often, as we add alumni profiles to it over the course of the academic year.

WGS Alum: Christina Carrillo

I received a Minor in Women's Studies in December, 2003 (I majored in History).  Since then, my life has definitely taken some turns!  I never thought I would move from California, where I was born and raised, but I did!  My husband, Andrew, was offered a job with his company in Colorado Springs, Colorado in November, 2006 and that is where my family is currently residing.  After working outside of the home for a few months upon our arrival in Colorado, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom and go back to school to pursue my Master's Degree in School Counseling at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS).  I had previously been enrolled in the Teaching Credential program at Cal Poly, but never completed it, which was actually a blessing in disguise.  Counseling is actually my true forte and I have really been quite pleased with my decision to pursue counseling as a profession.  I am about half way through my graduate program and I am looking forward to starting my internship in August.  Right now, through connections made in my graduate program at UCCS, I am a volunteer coach/group co-facilitator for an organization called Smart-Girls based out of Denver and Colorado Springs.  We work with middle school girls and encourage them to make smart and healthy choices and decisions in their lives.  We help them to develop skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork, stress management, and bullyproofing, among other topics.  We also work to increase a sense of self-worth and empowerment among these girls, especially at an age when it is crucial for them to have a positive experience and positive role models in their lives.  So far, working with my group of Smart-Girls has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!  It truly is the highlight of my busy and hectic week, when I get to spend 90 minutes with these wonderful and amazing 6th grade girls.  For me, Smart-Girls reinforces my belief of the importance of women's issues, especially the importance of gender issues when it comes to school-age children.

For more information on the Smart-Girls program, please see:

WGS Alum: Kacey Morgan

What WGS means to Kacey, in her words:

"The feminist in me is what initially attracted me to WGS, but I soon learned that feminism is only a piece of the puzzle. WGS gave me an understanding of how race, gender, religion and politics (among other very interesting and complex topics) shape and affect every aspect of our lives. It opened my mind to other people's perspectives and experiences, but most significantly it opened my eyes to my own. WGS helped liberate me from my ignorance, and it empowered me as a woman and as a human being. Through the knowledge I gained I feel more in control of my thoughts and actions. I have the power to make meaningful, conscious decisions that hopefully lead me in a positive direction.

I know that WGS has inspired confidence and given me strength to walk taller in this world. Its effects continue to be felt in all aspects of my life. So although WGS did not turn into a career for me (maybe someday), it sometimes finds a way to express itself through my graphic design work. While at Cal Poly I designed the packaging for a "nutritious water for women" and recently I had the opportunity to design the new WGS logo! I hope that with this logo comes even more involvement in the WGS Department, as it is truly a gift to Cal Poly."


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